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Our new plans & solutions have arrived! | Feature Release

Prey’s new Tracking and Protection solutions are here, tailored just for you and your business’ needs.

July 1, 2022

Hey there! Long time no read, isn’t it? Here at Prey, we’ve been working quite hard to optimize our existing offer, to give you -and your organization- more features for the best price. You asked for tailored solutions for tracking and data protection, and we listened. So, with the launch of our solution for data security, aptly named Prey Protection, our offer is more versatile than ever!

We decided to offer three different products, aimed at solving the specific needs of our users. Like a small business owner that only needs tracking features, or a school district that is looking for the complete package. By the way, this offer is for new and existing users as well! We want you to pay just what you need from our robust service.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the options you have to protect and manage your devices with Prey from now on:

Prey Tracking: A watchtower to protect all devices

We created this plan with your tranquility in mind. With stellar location capabilities, incredible ease of use, and a ton of features to track and locate devices, this solution is the guardian you need (or didn’t know you needed!).

This tool is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking for solid device protection in a conveniently-prized package. Prey Tracking includes:

Persistent tracking

On-demand is a thing of the past! Experience our industry-leading continuous tracking solution for organizations and locate your devices at all times. We use multiple geolocation techniques to be the most accurate location solution available.

Easy monitoring, multi-OS compatible

Control your mobile and PC/Mac fleet from a single platform and monitor corporate devices with labels, actions, and reports.

Device activity log & location history

Know every detail of the activity and location of stolen devices over extended periods of time, to increase your chances of recovery.

Reactive and preventive security

Get notifications, create Control Zone Geofences, lock devices, and much more!

Get Prey Tracking here and try it free!

Prey Protection: Data defense and compliance made simple

If Prey Tracking isn’t enough for you, this is the next step. Prey Protection is our newest addition to our product line. The tracking, location, and ease of use you know and love, but with an extra layer of data protection features made especially to guard delicate and confidential information.

We created Prey Protection for industries that handle sensitive data. Without going any further, the risk of data breaches, malicious actors, and credential theft is growing larger every day. Organizations that need that extra effort in protection, as well as compliance (Health, Education), are the perfect fit for this solution.

Prey Protection includes all the features of Prey Tracking, plus a lot more:

Custom Wipe

Protect your organization’s data from third-party access. Remotely wipe files, cookies, emails, directories, and more on stolen or misplaced devices that may be compromised.

Factory Reset

Great for loan program managers: lend devices and get them back to new when returned so you can lend again. This process helps you remain compliant and respect users’ private information.

Prey’s Kill Switch Technology

Stolen laptop? Act fast and prevent data leaks. Press this emergency button for a quick fix solution and render the device unusable in minutes killing its Master Boot Record.

Remote Encryption

Great to keep remote working fleets safe and compliant! Add a strong security layer to your Windows devices and mitigate the risks of losing corporate/user data, source code, and more.

Get Prey Protection here, and try it free!

Prey Full Suite: The most complete security set

Looking for a complete management tool that includes everything in our previous plans? Of course! Our Full Suite is the definite solution for accurate location and tracking, data protection, and more.

Prey Full Suite is designed for big fleets, working alone or in tandem with other MDM/EMM solutions. It shines on Enterprise environments that need all the tools available to protect hundreds of company devices. And Loan Manager is perfect for Education: your Administrators won’t have to use another tool ever again.

Prey Full Suite includes all the features from Prey Tracking & Protection, plus many more:

Automated Mass Security

Easily manage hundreds of devices by grouping and assigning them. Schedule time-based or event-triggered actions and deliver solutions to multiple devices at once.

Audit Log

Need more accountability? It’s a ledger of all the activity in your account, only available to administrators.

Device Loan Manager

Lend and keep track of devices with or without a return date, send automatic 'time's up' alerts, or lock and track a machine when not returned. Excellent for all loan programs.

Try the complete Prey experience here for free!

Which plan is the best for me?

We created these plans with a wide offer in mind, but no organization is created equal. The best fit for you is the solution that solves the most issues for the lowest price.

If you’re still unsure about what solution to choose, we have a handy comparison table with our full specs. We hope Prey is the best choice for you!

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