Official Statement Regarding Malaysian PKR Election Claims

We were surprised by uninformed allegations that claimed Prey’s Anti-theft solution had taken part in the tampering of e-voting tablet devices. Here is our statement.

November 12, 2018

Prey Inc. Refutes Election Malware Claims of Malaysian PKR

The recent events and incidents during this year's Malaysian PKR elections in the Julau district of Sarawak came to our attention when we were surprised by uninformed allegations that claimed Prey's Anti-theft solution had taken part in the tampering of e-voting tablet devices.

Amidst this confusion, we have issued an official statement -which you can find in the link below- with the intention of clarifying these allegations and disprove accusations that have originated in a lack of knowledge of our solution's capabilities. In the statement, you will find that we address claims by PKR deputy presidential candidate Rafizi Ramli and JPP chairman Datuk Rashid Din, who have wrongly identified Prey as a malware application, and made uninformed claims of its usage, features, and functionality.

Prey is a company with over 7 years of history in the market and it is trusted currently by more than 7 million users. We're committed as a company to protecting our user's privacy with high standards that follow the European GDPR legislation. We will continue to deliver a transparent service, according to these standards, in favor of the trust all users place in our company.

The company was not, at any given moment, involved in the election process or in the configuration of the devices utilized as an official solution. The application itself, our service, and its capabilities are not related to election infrastructure processes and-or the unauthorized modification of data.

With that in mind, we understand these claims as a misinformation problem that doesn't require further legal actions from our side in order to address these false claims. For more information or formal inquiries, please refer to our Media Contact below.

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