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Introducing prey’s new device loan manager

Introducing the Loan tool: manage computer loans with Prey, setting user details, return dates, and protective measures.

February 20, 2020

Today we’re happy to announce a new feature for our Enterprise plan, requested by our users in Educational institutions and Enterprise organizations, who also helped us shape it up to their need! The Device Loan Manager.

Whether you’re an IT staff at an office, who has to keep track of who has which laptop and assign them to remote workers temporarily; or an IT manager at a University with a laptop loan program for its students, this is the tool for you. Now you will be able to manage these processes through Prey and ensure that your loans are accounted for and followed through, without the extra effort.

On its release, this new tool will be available for computers only (Windows, macOS, and Linux). In the future, we'll increase its scope and functionality. So be sure to test this out, and share your feedback with us regarding what you love, what you don't, and what you're missing.

Managing and Securing Device Loans

The new Device Loan Manager feature allows you to assign a device to a person, keep track of the loan, and secure the device automatically in case of late returns, to ensure its timely return.

At the moment, three type of loans can be set up using this tool:

  • An open-ended loan, with no return date.
  • A timed loan, with a return date.
  • A secured timed loan, with a return date and automatic security.

Prey will automatically notify the user when the device is due, and if he or she is late, you can configure an automatic lock and message to lock the device, avoid unauthorized usage, and prompt the user to return it promptly.

When the loan expires, you will also receive an email notification and be prompted to take action.

From the control panel, you can mark when the device has been returned and finish the loan, making the device ready to be assigned again.

Or if it is missing, or you receive no news from the user, you can mark it as missing to start tracking and gathering evidence to help you secure and recover the lost device.

Get Started!

If you have the Enterprise plan, you'll be able to see find this tool in the device view of any computer. Simply log into your account, find a computer on the device list and click it to access its detailed view. There you will find the LEND DEVICE button.

For a complete guide on this tool, and all of its setting configurations, please visit the following guide.

Thanks! We'll stay tuned for your feedback on this new release as we continue working on bringing new improvements and surprises this 2020.

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