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Top 5 Apps For Data and Device Protection

If you’re here it means you care about your devices, right? We’ve compiled a list of five apps that should help you improve your mobile security standards or track your phone if it ever gets stolen.

February 8, 2017

If you’re here it means you care about your devices, right? Security is your top priority and keeping your data safe is what you want to do to keep those pesky evildoers out of your sensitive information.

There are multiple threats that can affect your smart devices, such as key loggers, spam applications, programs that authorize unwanted apps to obtain more data and become a threat for your mobile device security.

Just like a computer, your mobile devices must be handled with extreme care, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you, because, like Apple said many years ago, there’s an app for that. We’ve compiled a list of five apps that should help you improve your mobile security standards or track your phone if it ever gets stolen.


There are multiple antivirus apps in Google Store, but most of them are either fake or offer a complete solution that will take some of your precious memory and RAM in exchange for website certification analysis and other useful, but sometimes unwanted extras. AVL takes off the candy coating of these apps and delivers an anti-malware software that just scans for possible threats when downloading an app or when a website tries to download something, securing your device using less resources.

Available: Android (Free)

Safe Trek

Your phone shouldn’t be your only safety concern. Your safety is also a main concern for us, so we’ve selected this app that protects you against external threats that could harm you or your physical devices by turning your phone into a bodyguard. With Safe Trek, if you’re currently experiencing a robbery or any other kind of assault (we really hope you don’t) you can press the Safe Trek button and if you let it go without typing your PIN-code, your local police department will be notified and they will be dispatched to your position without you talking or even showing signs that you’re asking for help

We truly hope you don’t need this app, but if you do, it can be a perfect way to stay safe.

Available: Android, iOS (2.99$)

CM Security Lock

Ever wanted to add an extra layer of security to some of your apps? Maybe make your bank account app harder to reach?. CM Security Lock can help you with this task, since it enables an option that will ask for a password when someone tries to open an app, your photo gallery and even your messages.

Recent versions have also included the option to block your message notifications, run antivirus scans and delete your history so you can rest free that no one will have access to your devices.

Available: Android (Free)

Kaspersky Internet Security

One of the most effective PC antiviruses makes its way into mobile devices to deliver its same level of efficiency in case you want the complete experience. Kaspersky Internet Security will scan your files, delete malware, have active device protection and will even block unwanted calls and SMS, covering you from all sides, all with a nice customer support and flawless service.

They have a free version and a Premium plan that covers even more services, but users can try their Premium plan for 30 days and then go back to their free plan.

Available: Android (Free/15$ a year)


After you’ve been a victim of a robbery you might think everything is lost. Don’t you wish there was an alternative to recover your device and your data?

By using Prey you’re getting that second chance to recover your devices. With its tracking software you can follow your lost phone or laptop, all from a single account, with no need to use a separate phone tracker or laptop tracker. You can even get pictures of whoever is using it, block it remotely and present the reports that the app will send you as evidence to the police.

This app is useful for mass device management and will let you keep track of which ones haven’t been turned on in a while, prompting a notification, or even track multiple devices at once.

Available: Android, iOS (Free)

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