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What’s New: Updated Privacy Policies and Terms of Service

With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this May 25th, we worked to make the example and further develop our platform’s Privacy core.

May 24, 2018

I know, by now you probably received a gazillion emails, notifications and smoke signals regarding GDPR, Privacy Policies, ‘you must accept these new terms’ letters, and many other alerts from all your virtual services, apps, and providers. Kind of chaotic, right?

Well, we might need to get used to it for a while… and yes, this is one of those. Sorry! Luckily Prey has had a great focus on user privacy and changes weren’t intensive, and they certainly won’t affect your experience as a user!

What’s New in Our Privacy Policies

We welcome you to take a look at our Privacy Policies here. In a nutshell, users will become empowered when it comes to controlling their personal data by knowing how and why it is collected, opting in or out of processes they don’t feel comfortable with, and by having the right to access, modify, port, or delete it.

What’s more, all data processes have been documented, including:

  • Essential and non-essential cookie tracking (the latter you can opt-out of)
  • Commercial mailing lists and newsletters (which you can also opt-out of)
  • Plus all interactions with third-party providers (storage) and their functioning.

For the full scoop, do visit our Privacy Policies (pretty please!), you will find we are working on additional fronts to further boost your privacy’s security: for example, by obtaining the US-EU Privacy Shield certification.

These policies will become enforceable on May 25th of this year, GDPR’s enforcement date.

Will Prey’s functioning be affected?

Not at all! As said before, most of GDPR’s regulations were contemplated already in Prey’s platform. The only change will come to the File Retrieval feature, in which the validity of the download link has been reduced to 15 days (the file is permanently deleted from our storage after that).

You will be prompted to accept these new policies when logging into the Online Panel with your Prey account.

As for the cookies, you will be prompted to opt-in (or out) when visiting our sites. We’re super grateful to those who chose to activate these cookies, they help us understand and improve the user-experience based on usage behavior, and develop new features!

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