A Free, Lightweight, Remote Device Monitoring Tool.

We have released a light version of our device management tool with free licenses to aid small and medium companies transition to a remote work environment without losing sight of their endpoints.

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50 device licenses, no cost.

Don’t lose track of your fleet.

Monitor the location and offline/online status of your fleet to ensure they are not lost during remote work.

Know who is responsible for which device.

Assign users to each device to keep a record of who has and is responsible for which device.

Ensure basic security is met.

Verify your remote workforce’s basic network security and alert them if necessary.

Features with Remote Visibility in Mind
Room for 50 laptops, tablets, or mobilesGlobal device locationIndividual and in-mass message alertsOffline/Online statusUser contact assignmentActive network and security status

We are Here to Give a Hand.

The COVID-19 crisis has unfortunately caught most companies off-guard, forcing them to implement remote work without the time to properly prepare their workforce’s devices for it. In this context, we wanted to leverage our experience in remote fleet security to aid these organizations with a simple tool they can access to cover the basic needs of fleet visibility and security. We will continue to develop this tool, and share our experience as a remote team as well to help make this transition a little easier for everyone.

The Prey Team

Ready Your Fleet for Remote Work.

Make sure this transition doesn’t turn into a risk for your assets, or data. Take a step towards securing your remote fleet.

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For how long will this tool be available for the public?

This service will be available for as long as it is required during this global contingency.

Where can I access support documentation if I need help with the setup?

Visit the Remote Device Monitor help article to see information specific to this tool. For general information on the Prey platform and its settings, search in our Help site. You can also request for help in our community forum.

Can I get room for more devices?

This tool is intended for small and medium organizations, if your needs exceed this, we recommend you review the Enterprise plan.

Can I upgrade to an Enterprise plan in the future?

If needed, you will be able to upgrade this tool to the Enterprise platform to use its features or add more devices. This tool will remain as part of your platform.

What if I already have an Enterprise plan?

This tool will be added soon as a module in all accounts currently with an active Enterprise plan as well. The delay on its addition was due to the urgency required by the contingency, but we assure it will be included.

What happens if I want to close my account?

You can close your account anytime without restrictions in your online panel’s settings tab.

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