5 Tips to Boost Your Anti-Theft Protection With Prey

We know that sinking feeling of desperation that comes with losing a smartphone or a laptop – it’s not just about the money, it’s about so much more.

Prey’s mission is about making theft and loss of your devices no longer be a problem. We like to keep things simple and easy, so our service is versatile enough to be integrated into your daily life to help you solve security problems, large and small.

To make things easier, we’ve been gathering a list of #PreyTips that can help you enhance your use of our service and boost your anti-theft protection. Yes, you can track your lost phone… but there’s a lot more you can do.

Let’s go!

#PreyTip 1: This is a biggie, and one worth remembering. Prey lets you protect devices that use different operating systems from one single account. Apple fanboy? We got you covered. Have an Android phone, a laptop with Ubuntu and an iPad? We got you covered too!


#PreyTip 2: Left your computer or phone on in a public space? Don’t panic! Prey lets you block the screen remotely so no one will see what’s in it or get into your logged accounts. Your secret is safe with us.



#PreyTip 3: Life is busy and messy and your head might be all over the place. Dang, where did you put your phone again? Is it under the bed or  below that pile of weeks of dirty laundry (we don’t jugde)? If your phone is lost somewhere in a confined space, go to your Prey account and sound the alarm! It will sound at the top of its lungs until it is safely back in your hands.


#PreyTip 4: A little treat for our Android users: remember to turn on the High Accuracy Location Mode on your phone. It’s vital to start tracking it!




#PreyTip 5: If your phone is stolen, outsmart the thieves by toggling the Camouflage feature on your Prey account. It will hide Prey’s icon while it still silently works to retrieve your phone.



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Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi is the head of mobile research at Prey, Inc., provider of the open source Prey Anti-Theft software protecting eight million mobile devices. Nic’s work explores technology innovations within the mobile marketplace, and their impact upon security. Nic also serves as Prey’s communications manager, overseeing the company’s brand and content creation. Nic is a technology and contemporary culture journalist and author, and before joining Prey held positions as head of indie coverage at TheGameFanatics, and as FM radio host and interviewer at IndieAir.