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What's New

Regarding the Timing of the New Release on iOS

We have recently released Prey for education, including a set of new features that are available on all of our supported platforms, with the exception of iOS due to an unexpected delay in the App Store’s review process. Read through for more information.

by Nicolas Poggi

posted Aug 14 2019
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Official Statement Regarding Malaysian PKR Election Claims

Prey Inc. Refutes Election Malware Claims of Malaysian PKR The recent events and incidents during this year’s Malaysian PKR elections in the Julau district of Sarawak came to our attention…

by Nicolas Poggi

posted Nov 12 2018
What's New

All you need to know about Prey for iPhone & iPad

Updated 12/09/2018 Hi everyone! We’ve made tons of updates along the years, and now, in 2018, Prey on iOS is at par with most of Android’s capabilities: Location History Active…

by Fabián Núñez

posted Dec 13 2016