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What's New

All you need to know about Prey for iPhone & iPad

Updated 12/09/2018 Hi everyone! We’ve made tons of updates along the years, and now, in 2018, Prey on iOS is at par with most of Android’s capabilities: Location History Active…

by Fabián Núñez

posted Dec 13 2016
What's New

New Feature: Introducing Starred Reports

Prey’s new feature allows Pro users (those with Personal, Home or Customized plans)  to star reports, which will make handling the information Prey sends much easier and faster.

by Nicolas Poggi

posted Nov 25 2015
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Doing Customer Support Right: The Prey Way

Unexpectedly good support. You put big companies to shame. — David, United States. You probably know Prey as a world-class anti-theft application that helps you track and recover your lost…

by Fabián Núñez

posted Jun 20 2015
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Command your phone via SMS with the new Prey for Android

Some things are better off controlled remotely. You know, like giant robots, Solid Snake’s Nikita missiles, or even cockroaches. Since we really like robots (but not as many cockroaches), starting…

by Fabián Núñez

posted Oct 28 2013
What's New

Prey On-Demand now available for all mobiles

Good news everyone! You can now use Prey On-Demand on your iPhone, iPad or your Android phone or tablet whether you have a Pro account or not. This means more…

by Tomás Pollak

posted Oct 19 2012