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Laptop Recovered at Maine, United States | Lost+Found: Case MM-00

When the regular solution fails, you go find the pros! This user didn’t have Prey on its student’s laptop but managed to install it remotely.

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– Case Type: Mugged Student.

– Location: Maine, United States.

– Date Lost: 21/07/2019

– Recovery Time: 5 days.

– Missing Item: Mac Laptop.

Our User’s Story: The Mugged Student

The laptop was stolen from a student but owned by a school in the state of Maine. This laptop was managed by an MDM system, but that wasn’t enough to track it.

Installed Prey remotely and when it finally connected to the stolen laptop, we began getting reports immediately.

That morning, I contacted my local PD, who contacted the Boulder PD and they picked the laptop and other stolen items up within minutes.

Final thoughts: Man… I felt like a BOSS

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