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Lost+Found: Case F56X – Malabon City, Philippines

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  • Location: Malabon City, Philippines
  • Date Stolen: July 31, 2011
  • Date Recovered: August 4, 2011
  • Theft: Robbed inside my house
  • Missing items: Laptop & External drive
  • Police reaction: “Can we also use Prey?”
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 2 days
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: 2 days
  • Final thoughts: Ahaha, thanks for this amazing software, (Pray + prey = my laptop back)

Full story below:

We were robbed last Sunday, July 31, 2011, at around 2am-3-30am, my mom was the first one who noticed that our living room was in a total mess. We found out that my laptop was missing. I activated prey and marked my device as missing. We waited for prey to generate and send a report to my account since we still have a desktop computer here in our house. After two days, I was able to receive reports from Prey (Thank you Lord! Thanks Prey).

Prey sent a webcam shot of the person using it, a child (not the actual thief, they just bought my laptop from the thief as they say), and a screenshot (the child’s FB page). When I took a look at the FB page, I searched for the FB account of the child. I told my family about what Prey sent to my account, and they also searched the FB account of the child to see if they have mutual friends. Luckily, my younger sister has a friend who is also a friend of the child. My family first went to my sister’s friend, and they were able to locate the child.

The background of the webcam shot matched to the location told to us by my sisters friend. We reported this to the authorities, and we planned how we will be able to return my laptop back. (The policemen also asked how to use Prey, hehe :)). After two days of waiting, (because we needed to see that my laptop was being used or should i say caught in the act of using it), we went to the place (together with the authorities), I pretended that I was going to buy something since the actual location is a school supplies store, and I was able to confirm that it was my laptop.

I called the police and we checked on the serial numbers and other identifying features of my laptop. The family who bought my laptop was kind enough that they did not hide my device, and they were calm answering questions of how they got the laptop. They told us who sold it to them, and the police is now searching for the thief.

The police asked us if we will file a complaint against the family who bought the laptop (for just PhP 5,500 around $130 ) since they violated anti-fencing law, but we set aside filing the complaint since my laptop’s back and what we wanted to do is have the thief caught and suffer for what happend.

Thanks for your amazing software, I hope i can give something back to you someday. Thanks again. Awesomeness!

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