Lost+Found: Case F3D0 –  Concepción, Chile

Lost+Found: Case F3D0 –  Concepción, Chile


  • Location: Concepción, Chile
  • Date Stolen: 21st of June, 2017
  • Date Recovered: 26th of July, 2017
  • Theft: Theft
  • Missing items: Laptop
  • Police reaction: The officers said that data in reports was enough to take action.
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 36 days.
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: Hours after the report arrived.
  • Final thoughts: Today I find myself writing to you from my recovered laptop, which I didn’t hope to recover.

Full story below, as told by our User.

The Mall’s Blind Spot:

My notebook was stolen from me as I had lunch at the mall in Concepción. I carelessly left my bag on the chair’s back, and before I even realized, I found that my backpack was open and my computer gone…

I immediately approached the mall’s guards, but they didn’t help at all and instead they said the cameras on that sector weren’t operational at the time. Once again no solution from them. In that same moment I logged into my Prey panel and reported my notebook missing, and then proceeded to take the case to the police (Carabineros).

Several days went by without any trace of information, but from time to time the app sent me locations in a near neighborhood. I wasn’t enough info to take action, but luckily a month went by and my device finally went active.

I didn’t had any hope of recovering it at the time, but my first full report arrived and I got all the evidence that I needed to ask the PDI for help. They were super helpful and eager to help, they handled the procedures and finally searched the place marked in the Report’s map.

5 hours later I got a call from the PDI informing me that they got my laptop and that I could go get it. I’m glad that I was cautious enough to install this app, and I’m truly thankful to both Prey and the PDI, who did an amazing job at recovering it.

Now I can rest easy at home knowing I learned something, you’ve got to be careful with your valuables because thieves are always to blame… So we shouldn’t make the job easy for them.