Lost+Found: Case XYXY – The Lord of Hamilton

As a Private Eye I’ve come across the most unusual cases, each one of them stranger than the next. Sometimes, borderline magical. Join me as I tell you the story of a brave young man who recovered his Macbook Pro with courage and conviction… and with a little help from Prey.

The Lord of Hamilton

Our hero’s name is K, a fearless traveler and student who was living a long distance from his home, Chile, and was now exploring the legendary lands of Hamilton, USA.

It is known that since ancient times that travelling is the best way to form a heroic character, as our young protagonist would soon discover.

On a sunny day, during a field trip with his boss and mentor, K left his Macbook Pro inside a parked car, not yet aware of the danger that lurked in the shadows. When they returned, they found that the windows had been smashed and the laptop stolen.

It was time for action and for our hero to take back what was rightfully his!

No epic adventure would be complete without a party of loyal friends. While one of them dialed 911, the other got into K’s Prey account and set it to missing – which is as close you can get to casting a tracking and recovery spell on a precious object!

The spell worked, but getting the laptop back wouldn’t be easy. Magic happened when at 1am the next day K got an email from Prey telling him my stolen laptop was online, a picture of the thief, a screenshot and its exact location.

There were still challenges to face: K contacted the Hamilton Police Department but was repeatedly ignored and never taken seriously, even when he told them he had pictures and an accurate location of his device.

That’s why a week later, K decided to reach out to Prey, where a team of wise support wordsmiths were happy to help him. In the midst of angst, K felt truly supported by the team and by the software itself.  Also, as the brave hero he is, K decided to get help from the community. He printed the pictures he had got in the Prey report along with a letter addressed to the thief’s neighbors telling them what was going on and asking them to contact the police in case they saw him with his computer.

Now, when K went back to the police station, they took him seriously, and they were in awe of this young man’s almost magical technological abilities. However, time was running out since he had to go back to his country soon.

Luck was on our hero’s side, though. Two days later a detective contacted him saying that they had his computer and charger back! It turns out the police showed up at the thieve’s house and when they showed him the pictures from the Prey report, he had no other choice but to cooperate. He told them that he had bought the computer for $200 to “fix” it.

In K’s words:

“I have my MacBook back in my hands and I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately the thief deleted my files but I took it to Apple support and they left is as good as new.

I am so happy to have installed Prey. It worked perfectly and thanks to you I could get my laptop back in a country that isn’t even where I live! It took the police a full week to recover my computer but it could’ve been done so much faster if they had listened the first time I told them about the information in my Prey report. The thief could clearly bypass the Apple tracking software but he couldn’t beat Prey. I really want to thank the whole Prey team, Fabián for his help and also the Hamilton Police Department who were very diligent when I handed them the information.

A word of advice: going to the station in person works better than contacting the police on the phone.”

Be wise like K. Install Prey!