Phone recovered airport using Prey

Phone recovered at Heathrow Airport, UK | Lost+Found: Case TL-35

– Case Type: Lost phone in the airport’s bathroom.

– Location: Heathrow Airport, London, UK.

– Date Lost: 08/29/2018

– Recovery Time: 2 Hours

– Missing Item: iPhone

Our User’s Story: Finding an iPhone

I left my phone in the bathroom at Heathrow. While checking in, 5-10 minutes later, I suddenly remembered my phone and ran to find it but it was no longer there. Within 15 minutes I’d logged into the Prey website from my laptop.

From the location map, I saw that the phone was in the building but the staff didn’t know where it was. After one hour of asking various staff members for help in locating it, I finally gave up since nobody seemed to know if there was a lost/found or security officers in the terminal.

I went through to my gate as it was time to board. I gave my email one last check to see that in fact Airport security had my phone in their office and would bring it to my gate. They also sent a second email asking me to please turn off the alarm as it was quite loud in their office.

Thanks to Prey for having the alarm feature and also the ability to send a notification with my email, I was able to locate my phone before boarding my flight. This particular trip was for a family emergency so there was nothing like being able to have the peace of mind that I could communicate with my family.

Final thoughts: So much relief especially due to the situation. My grandmother was hospitalized so it was everything to have access to my phone so I could stay updated and let my family know when I was arriving.

When things like this happen, better be ready.

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