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What’s up: Location Awareness, Custom Wipe, and a renewed Desktop Experience!

Triple user-requested features coming through! We’re updating some of Prey’s features with feedback from you guys, see what’s new.

folder_en.pngTriple user-requested features coming through! We’re updating some of Prey’s features with feedback from you guys, see what’s new.


Welcome our Location Settings! The first step towards a bigger project that’s on the works: The Location History, that will help track and see past device movements.

These new options will help you set how Prey tracks your devices, find it in the Settings tab under the Device Management menu. Check them out:

Prey Location Settings1. EAGLE (Epic tracking): Prey will gather locations periodically when it detects movement, or timed checks when it doesn’t. 

2. HOUND (Standard tracking): Today’s state of the art, an on-demand tracking service. Prey will only retrieve the location when requested by you, the user.

3. MOLE (Zero tracking): No tracking at all, just in case you need Prey for its other features, but want to keep the device’s location unseen.

In the future, our EAGLE location setting will pave the way for the use of a Location History, storing past locations securely for our users to browse their devices’ prior movements.


In the past, we focused our Pro Wipe feature for computers on quick reaction capabilities, this meant having default directories users could wipe by simply checking a box out. Well… Not anymore!

If you’ve got a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with your own set of folders and files, organized by your own terms… You can now wipe them!

Custom WipeThere’s now a custom directory field available in our Remote Wipe tool where you can type in any folder, file, or whole directory you want to wipe out of existence remotely.


We are renewing our desktop configuration experience with a new look and flow! This week public tests will roll out and a random portion of our desktop users installing Prey will experience our revamped installation and device link process.

If you’re one of the lucky bunch, after installing Prey on a new desktop device you’ll be prompted to link the device to your account through our new and secure web portal.

Desktop ExperienceYou’ll be greeted by a new friend too, who’ll help you catch the drift! This new flow will help avoid mistakes during the configuration, and will also properly introduce you to your online center of command (if you haven’t met already!): The Online Panel, the hub where you’ll manage and control all your Prey-secured phones, tablets, and laptops.

What’s more, it integrates all our social login options for a quick and personalized configuration experience. Easily accesible for any specific case.

Need help with any of these? Visit their Help sites for more information:

Custom WipeLocation & Tracking SettingsSSO Desktop Configuration

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