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Learn More About the Internet of Things, Here are 10 Blogs to Follow

Back in August, we wrote about the future having arrived for the Internet of Things (IoT), exploring Three key IoT trends to keep your eye on in 2017. As we noted then, the industrial sector leads when it comes to the development of IoT solutions, but new industries are starting to catch up...

April 24, 2018

Vendors like Amazon, Apple, and Google are leading the charge in bringing millions of new home devices online to join the billions of intelligent IoT solutions. These devices are spreading into people's homes and into new industries, which are discover multiple new applications for these devices.

Businesses and consumers need to understand how IoT impacts their own products and solutions and to explore how IoT devices can be deployed to help with their day-to-day business. Yet with so much progress, it’s become harder to cut through the noise to identify and understand the innovations that matter, or the new applications of IoT that we can learn from.

We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite IoT blogs and resources to share with you -- these are the go-to sources we read to stay on top of IoT news and trends --  for the first word on new developments and their impact.

These are the analysts, executives, entrepreneurs, technologists and investors who are shaping the next wave of IoT solutions. And if you have any suggestions for other blogs driving the future of IoT, let us know -- we’d love to hear from you and may even expand our list!

Ten IoT Blogs to Follow

1. Stacey on IoT

Stacey Higginbotham is the journalist and founder of Stacey on IoT, a news publication covering the Internet of Things, and home to the the Internet of Things Podcast.

She is an expert and influencer when it comes to the internet of things and technology in general, and has been covering technology for major publications for 18 years, including PCMag, Sunset, Fortune, MIT Tech Review, Gigaom and Worth magazine.

2. Georgia Tech Center for the Development of IoT Technologies

Based at Georgia Tech, CDAIT is a global, nonprofit, partner-funded center of excellence in IoT that stimulates creativity, productivity gains and revenue generation while addressing critical surrounding societal issues such as privacy, trust, ethics, regulation and policy.

3. The Web of Things is a community of developers, researchers, and designers exploring the future of the physical Web. The Web of Things aims to build the Internet of Things in a truly open, flexible, and scalable way, using the Web as its application layer. The site features blog posts, events, learning resources, conference and standard activities.

The Web of Things presents an alternative vision to what the Web of tomorrow will look like, as devices give the Web eyes, ears, and all kinds of sensory appendices to seamlessly connect the physical world with the virtual.

4. The IEEE Internet of Things

The IEEE Internet of Things is a multi-disciplinary, cross-platform Initiative created to serve as a gathering place for the global technical community working on the Internet of Things, featuring thought-leading content, resources, and collaborative opportunities provided by the IEEE IoT Initiative.

The site provides a platform where professionals learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on the sweeping convergence of technologies, markets, applications, and the Internet, and together change the world.

5. IoT Business News

IoT Business News is an independent online media outlet focusing on the business side of the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine markets.

The editorial team sifts through the global IoT news to publish fresh, relevant and reliable content on the IoT in a clear and illustrated way with insight and analysis, while also giving a voice to IoT industry experts from top IoT companies and organizations.

6. The Internet of Things Institute

The Internet of Things Institute connects IoT decision-makers and implementers, inspiring readers with the latest news, analysis and case studies about technologies used in the Internet of Things, from infrastructure and security to analytics and development tools.

The IoT Institute also conducts original research to provide unique insight into the state of IoT implementation and challenges and opportunities for key players, and serves as the exclusive content outlet for the IoT World trade show and conference series -- the world’s largest IoT events.

7. Tom Raftery's Internet of Things

This site is run by futurist and Internet of Things evangelist Tom Raftery, a veteran industry analyst and industry speaker who led the clean-tech practice for analyst firm RedMonk, and more recently took a global VP role with SAP.

Visit the blog to read the latest insights on IoT, or subscribe to Raftery’s IoT Heroes podcast on iTunes.

8. TechTarget IoT Agenda

IoT Agenda is a news outlet published by TechTarget that covers all aspects of Internet of Things technology and strategy as it relates to enterprise IT.

The portal explores the technologies that enhance and enable internal business processes, as well as the resulting IoT products themselves – the "things" that the business produces.

Award-winning editors and leading industry experts share their advice for businesses looking to deploy monitors in the field, embed sensors to improve products, manage inventories and supply chains, distribute intelligence to improve work environments and production floors, and tackle a plethora of other IoT-related challenges.

9. Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 Viewpoints is a blog featuring original and timely articles from ARC Advisory Group analysts and guest writers on topics such as Digitization, New Business Models, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing.

Readers gain clear and concise analyses, opinions, and discussion of trends, technologies, and services such as additive manufacturing, machine learning, asset performance management, device connectivity, IoT architecture, cybersecurity, augmented reality, and more related to digitization and transformation of industries, infrastructure, and cities.

10. IoT Central

Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 Viewpoints is a blog featuring original and timely articles from ARC Advisory Group analysts and guest writers on topics such as Digitization, New Business Models, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing.

Honorable Mentions...

There are a ton of resources and experts following the evolution of IoT. We might have missed some of your favorites -tell us in the comments!-, but this is our top 10 selection.

However, there are other portals, like IBM's IoT blog, and the IoT Security Foundation, that also contain great and thorough investigations regarding the latest implementations of this flexible technology.

Buckle up, check out these outlets, and start skimming! It's a long way, but the Internet of Things is coming, and there's probably more than one perk your company can benefit from.

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