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Prey Business adds Anti-Theft and Mass Management features for more secure mobile environments

The best defense against the loss of mobile phones, laptops and tablets is a proactive offense, and Prey Software has focused this new release to give IT and security administrators the tools to expand a bigger protection circle.

July 19, 2017

San Francisco, July 19, 2017 – Prey Software, provider of the cross-platform, open source anti-theft software that protects more than eight million mobile devices, today announced a new version of its enterprise offering with improved anti-theft and multi-device management capabilities. The new geofencing and file retrieval capabilities in Prey Business helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) secure devices before they can be lost or stolen, while advanced search, labeling, and mass action tools enable organizations to track and control in environments with 30 or more devices.The upgrades to Prey Business address two of the greatest pain points in a mobile environment: the ability to manage and control multiple devices, as well as the need to implement policies that prevent the loss of theft of devices.

Multi-device management – Prey’s new mass management capabilities streamline oversight of the mobile environment with:

  • Group Actions Controls -- Trigger messages or alarms on thousands of devices to alert users to actions, such as returning laptops at the end of a test, or turning in a device at the end of a shift.
  • Advanced Search and Labels -- Organize entire fleets of mobile devices with a versatile search engine and customizable tags that make it simple to manage groups within universities, hospitals, enterprise and government.

Anti-theft prevention – With the ability to monitor and protect devices and prevent them from ever being lost or stolen in the first place, Prey offers:

  • Control Zones – Leveraging geofencing technology, Prey creates GPS-secured zones within a building, campus or city.  Real-time notifications alert managers whenever a device leaves or enters an area for full control over the whereabouts of an entire fleet of devices. By monitoring devices proactively, Prey frees up resources to perform other tasks.
  • Remote File Retrieval – Enables the retrieval of sensitive information via email with a download link of data once a lost or stolen device comes online.

“The best defense against the loss of mobile phones, laptops and tablets is a proactive offense, and Prey Software has focused this new release to give IT and security administrators at SMB organizations the tools to expand a bigger protection circle,” said Carlos Yaconi, founder and CEO at Prey Software. “Enterprises and schools around the world trust Prey to recover devices and lock their data, but we’re changing the focus with tools to better manage and prevent loss and theft in the first place.”

Pricing & Availability

Pricing for Prey Business is based on the number of covered devices. It begins at $1 per device, all features included, for low-scale deployments; as the number of devices increases, the per-device price continues to go down. Prey also offers customized plans for a client's unique needs as well as discounts for educational institutions and NGOs.(Available for all major platforms:  iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and MacOS)

Find out more about Prey Business at https://preyproject.com/solutions/business

About Prey Software

Prey Software is the only provider of anti-theft solutions for tracking and protecting mobile devices that can manage and secure all of an organization’s mobile devices from the same place. Installed on more than 8 million devices worldwide, Prey’s cross-platform, open source security solution consolidates mobile device management on a single account, no matter how many different device manufacturers or operating system need to be tracked. Find out more at preyproject.com

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