We’ve been granted a presidential award


Last friday we were invited to a special event in Chile’s Presidential Palace. The man in charge, Sebastián Piñera — aka. the President — along with the Minister of Economy, Pablo Longueira, granted three awards to companies considered outstanding from a poll of over fifteen hundred.

Turns out we were one of them.

Piñera — whom you might recall from the famous episode of the miners being rescued — gave us an award for being the most innovative company of the year.

Yup, that’s right! Keep on reading if you want to see the team shaking hands with the big guy.

Prey Team and the President of Chile

Weeeell, we’re not shaking hands really. But ain’t it cool?

The president recognized Prey’s importance to the Chilean tech industry and congratulated our founders, Carlos and Tomás, for such an achievement. He even said Prey inspired the government to improve the penal system to help the good guys while making it tougher for the bad ones — which is exactly what we aim for.

So thank you again President, thanks Corfo and thanks to everyone who supported us and made all of this happen. We won’t let you down.