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Kowalski, progress report

Just dropping a quick note to let you know about some updates regarding security and performance and awesomeness that we’ve made to the Control Panel.

Full HTTPS support

Until now, only the login and signup forms pointed to HTTPS endpoints — the rest of the site using plain HTTP. This was, in part, due to some of the assets being hosted on a non SSL-enabled domain, which caused browsers to complain about “insecure content”.

Well, not any more. The Control Panel is now fully HTTPS, from tip to end. Download links also begin with ‘https://’ as they should.

Willkommen | Välkommet | Bem-Vindo

Eccoli qua! Thanks to the tremendous effort of more than a dozen people, the Control Panel is now available in more than 10 different languages, including portuguese, russian, german, italian and dutch.

So if you’re from the land of lasagna or the land of vodka you’ll be happy to know you can now protect your stuff in your mother tongue. 🙂

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our awesome group of translators and their commander-in-chief, the great Benny RodrĂ­guez — who, by the way, is now officially part of the Prey team.

No more autocomplete

As discussed in our issue tracker in Github, we’ve removed autocomplete for both the login form and the forgotten password form. This was done to rule out the possibility of a thief hypothetically gaining access to a Prey account by logging into the Panel using the browser’s autocompleted email/password combo.

New signup form

We’ve updated the signup form so you can easily signup for a Pro account from minute one. This has been up for a couple of months actually, but we hadn’t gotten the chance to write it down. Our goal was to make it very clear and simple to spot the differences between free and Pro — we know we suck at this –, so we hope this will make things easier for people to understand the different things that make up Prey as a solution.

New job processing backend

You won’t notice this at first, but it’s a pretty relevant change we’ve made and it’s worth mentioning. We switched from the Delayed Job backend to the awesome Resque, which lets us separate asynchronous processing tasks into queues.

Wait, asynchronous what?

Asynchronous tasks, like reports for instance. Email notifications too, like the account activation email or the Active Mode notifications. Basically everything that’s isn’t tied to the normal navigation or use of Prey or the Control Panel.

This means that we can keep separate queues for different stuff, in other words, notifications will not be delayed should the amount of unprocessed reports begin to rise (which did happen before, and more than once!). We can also increase the number of worker processes for a specific queue in case there’s a sudden spike in the job queue. We’ve been using this new backend for a while now and so far not one outage.

That’s it for now! Check back tomorrow for something new. 🙂

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