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Laptop Recovered at California, United States | Lost+Found: Case MA-11

Never give up on Prey. This couple recovered a phone 4 months after losing it in a mall. Usually, thieves dispose of the device immediately and it might take a while until it is back online after being resold.

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– Case Type: Husband forgot it at the mall.

– Location: California, United States.

– Date Lost: 28/04/2019

– Recovery Time: 3 months.

– Missing Item: Android phone.

Our User’s Story: Four-Month Victory

Husband misplaced phone, He thought he left it by the mall’s mailbox. When he went back it was gone. The tracking showed them moving down the road and it traveled to a dry cleaner shop.

Husband went, they denied having it. Shut phone down. Thought it was gone for good. Got a new phone and new sim card. We thought the connection to the old phone was lost forever.

It was lost on April 28, 2019, and we started to receive reports from missing phone today July 25, 2019. Could not believe it. Someone turned the phone into Wells Fargo. We got the phone back. Amazing! Thanks, Prey

Final thoughts:  We can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!

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