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Laptop Recovered at Islamabad, Pakistan | Lost+Found: Case PA-54

Want to give a thief a scare? Tell them the secret service is tracking them, and to return your phone before you arrest them, like this user did!

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– Case Type: Dropped while doing a delivery.

– Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

– Date Lost: 29/10/2019

– Recovery Time: 4 hours.

– Missing Item: Android phone.

Our User’s Story: The Food Panda Delivery

My phone dropped while I was driving my bike. Once I reached my next station, I realized I had lost it while working as a Food Panda delivery.

Once I realized I contacted one of my friends to figure out my phone’s location, as I had registered to Prey a couple of months ago. My friend set the device as missing, and I got the first location within 8 minutes.

Someone took my phone and was moving towards a different location, so I sent a message via Prey saying the phone was being tracked by a security agency and ‘you will be arrested soon, to avoid it call this number’.

Luckily, he decided to make the call and talk with me so that we could organize the return.

Final thoughts:  Really happy I got my phone back thanks to Prey!

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