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Laptop Recovered at Milagro, Ecuador | Lost+Found: Case MLG-98

After a short pit stop, this user got mugged and lost his phone to a thief-duo that silently waited for anyone looking for a quick rest stop.

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– Case Type: Car Theft.

– Location: Milagro, Ecuador

– Date Lost: 21/Jun/2020

– Recovery Time: 3 days.

– Missing Item: Android Phone.

Our User’s Story: The Pit Stop

Me and a work buddy were mugged at gunpoint. We had stopped to go to the restroom mid-way through a desolated road, and when we went back to the car two men in a bike where waiting for us. They aimed at us with their guns and told us to give them our phones, which they took.

That’s where it all begun (Friday).

Ten minutes went by, and I managed to get access to an internet connection. I knew I had Prey installed, but I didn’t remember my password.

The next day (Saturday) I managed to remember it, and the app started sending locations to me! The phone was connected to a mobile network, and I managed to file my report to the police immediately.

My phone was quite far from where it got snatched, but then it went even farther! Finally, when the night came, it was turned off and I thought I wasn’t going to get it back at all.

Sunday comes by and I started getting evidence reports from Prey again. It was on the same place as yesterday, connected to a mobile operator, and it was quickly turned off.

After that, on Monday, the phone started sending reports back to Prey again with locations and the WiFi network it was connected to! This time, the map showed a very well-known house where stolen stuff ends up all the time; so I let the police know and gave them the location, WiFi, and nearby networks.

With that information, the police went by and kindly recovered the phone for me. It was a bit scratched and faulty, but it works.

I really recommend installing Prey, it helps a ton; I’ve been using it for 4 years now. I learned about it after a laptop was stolen -without Prey- and I couldn’t get it back. I install, and share it with my friends, ever since.

Final thoughts:  Happy! It’s hard to get stolen stuff back.

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