Lost+Found: Case OH10 – Ohio, United States

Lost+Found: Case OH10 – Ohio, United States

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  • Location: Ohio, United States
  • Date Stolen: 1st of July, 2017
  • Date Recovered: 2nd of July, 2017
  • Theft: Stolen out of his house
  • Missing items: Phone
  • Police reaction: Three states coordinated their departments to retrieve it.
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: Literally two minutes after I pushed locate.
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: One day.
  • Final thoughts: Thank you very much!

Full story below, as told by our User.

Three States and a Recovery Later:

My phone was stolen from my house, and once I realized I used Prey to locate it three states away from home.

I explained the situation to the Ohio police and they contacted Tennessee’s department, within 4 hours of contact the local police came to me and said the Tenn department had possesion of my phone.

What’s more, the Tenn police captured and transfered the suspect overnight to the Ohio Police Department!

If I had not installed Prey on my phone, I am absolutely sure I would have never recovered it, I’ll subscribe due to the love given by a GREAT program.

Thanks again!