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Phone recovered at Orlando, Florida | Lost+Found: Case OR-11

It doesn’t matter if you’re dirt biking and you lose your phone in a track, Prey will pin-point its coordinates for you to get it back, like this user did.

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– Case Type: Misplaced.

– Location: Orlando, Florida.

– Date Lost: 08/26/2018.

– Recovery Time: 20 minutes.

– Missing Item: Android phone.

Our User’s Story: A Phone Lost on a Ride Back Home

Woke up and realized my phone was missing. Ugh, panic! Logged on to Prey to find it. I had ridden my bike to a party the prior night to avoid driving after drinking. Prey identified my phone being halfway between my home and the party.

On my bike ride home, I had cut across a grassy area between road and sidewalk. My phone must have bounced out of my pocket. Because of Prey, I was able to find my well-hidden phone waiting for me in the grass.

Final thoughts: Relieved, thanks Prey!

When things like this happen, better be ready.

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