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Phone recovered at Shasta Lake, California | Lost+Found: Case CA-71

It doesn’t matter if you’re dirt biking and you lose your phone in a track, Prey will pin-point its coordinates for you to get it back, like this user did.

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– Case Type: Fell out of pocket while dirt biking

– Location: Shasta Lake, California.

– Date Lost: 04/26/2018

– Recovery Time: 30 minutes.

– Missing Item: Android phone

Our User’s Story: Finding a Phone in a Dirt Track

My husband was out riding his dirt bike with his NEW phone in his pocket. He called me to tell me it fell out somewhere and asked me to locate it with the tracking app. I sent him a screenshot of the map, then logged in to Prey to lock the phone in case someone else found it first.

Once I marked it as “Missing”, Prey began sending me reports which included a picture taken with both cameras, the longitude and latitude of its location, and a google map of its location which I then sent to my husband, on another phone, so he could pinpoint the location. The phone was found in less than 1/2 hour, and was also unscathed! Thanks, Prey!!

Final thoughts: This app is awesome! Everyone at work was impressed with how easy it was to use.

When things like this happen, better be ready.

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