Prey 0.3.3: A solution for all your (Windows) problems

Hello everyone!

After a lot of testing we’re glad to announce a new release of Prey, version 0.3.3, which will hopefully fix all the problems some Windows users were having with the reports in the Control Panel. There have been lots of changes (just look at the number of commits!), but the most important changes are:

Base (all platforms)

  • Added option to toggle the autoconnect feature (yes, we heard you). Disabled by default.
  • Changed default missing state code for activating Prey from 200 to 404. Added as a configuration option too. You can read more about this over here (must read if you’re using Prey in standalone mode!).
  • Users can run Prey in test mode to see if everything is set up correctly, –test in Windows, -t in Mac/Linux (it won’t send any data to the control panel, just runs the complete loop of activated modules).
  • Message boxes from alert module now don’t hold Prey from doing its job.
  • Added custom User Agent so we have more information to avoid spoofing, and we actually know from which version we’re getting the request.


  • Not using the buggy Task Scheduler system for running Prey any more. (Yes, we REALLY heard you) 🙂
  • Now using our own cron.exe program, with real-time execution delay updating and built-in logging (called with “–log”).
  • Deprecated prey.bat, not needed with the new cron.exe.
  • Replaced webcam_capture with better (and open) snapshot.exe alternative. A huge thanks to Elliot Saba!
  • Added check if Prey is currently installed to Installer.
  • Added check to run Installer/Configurator only as an admin user.
  • Added verification of keys by syncronizing Prey with the Control Panel after configuring them.
  • Verified permissions on files so that Prey can be run as a normal user as well as an admin.
  • Polished a bit the Installer and Configurator graphically.


  • Alert module now inserts user’s email automatically in the wallpaper with Imagemagick. Thanks Rodrigo Linfati!
  • Better checking if user is root or not for modules.
  • Added traceroute to email report.


  • Fixed bug with password encryption for standalone users. Once again, thanks Diego. 🙂

As you can see, most of the stuff has to do with the Windows version of Prey, since we saw it was giving lots of trouble specially in Vista. Hopefully all the problems regarding the reports or the webcam capturing will be solved, so we can focus on other stuff now. If you have any trouble with this version please let us know, and if you don’t… please let us know too!

I would also like to thank everyone who helped us out with this new version, specially Newstart (a.k.a. MKH), Michael Smith, Rodrigo Linfati, and everyone on the transation team. You rock people!