Prey 0.6.3 for Laptops is out! Improved geolocation, and more

You may have heard that a new, fully rewritten and awesome desktop client is in the works, and you heard right. But that doesn’t mean the existing one will disappear overnight. We plan to keep on supporting it until the new one is solid as Frodo’s mithril armor, and this is a good way to prove it.

We’ve recently pushed an update that includes a quite a few things, but most notably a bugfix that handles an edge case that prevents Prey from determining your laptop’s location. It occurs when the number of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots is so immensely long that not even Zeus has enough time nor the willpower to fully read it.

To see what else is in the menu, keep on reading. If just you can’t wait, well, then just head directly for the kitchen. 0.6.3 will be waiting for you. All users are recommended to update — which includes you, of course.

The Prey installers also got a nice face lift, and the operating systems versions are properly detected. So yep, no more Mavericks appearing as Tigers or Fedoras appearing as Redhats. We even added Elementary OS to the list, so if you’re running Luna, Prey will now proudly show it (yes, we’re big fans of the Elementary OS project).

And those of you wondering about the new Prey, this version also adds an easier upgrade process to Prey 1.0 and newer. Because yes, winter is coming and so is Prey Tempest.

Full changelog for Prey 0.6.3:

  • [FIX] Handle situation in geo module, when a long list of access points provokes a “Request too long” error.
  • [FIX] Improved distro name and version detection in Linux.
  • [FIX] Better OS version detection in OSX. No more Mavericks appearing as Tigers.
  • Added new platform upgrade script (lib/
  • Include OS and Bash version in User-Agent, for easier debugging.
  • Added exception notification system, to keep better track of errors.
  • Updated some old graphics in Windows and OS X installers.
  • Increased (low) HTTP request timeouts to reduce connection errors.

That’s it for now boys. As always, any comments, feedback, love songs, manifestos and/or marriage proposals are greatly appreciated. Happy hunting!