Protecting Company IP with Prey: Domco Technology

Learn how this organization tackled corporate data loss with a device security and management tool for their remote worker’s assets. 

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As the IT support team for Asheville, N.C.-based business consulting company Novacor Consulting Group, Domco fields a staff of six full-time individuals who, in turn, support Novacor’s 50 consultants.

The Novacor workforce is constantly on the road servicing businesses and organizations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Each Novacor employee is issued a mobile phone and a laptop, which means that the IT staff at Domco must support more than 100 mobile devices across a wide geography.

Jason Brock, vice president, Domco Technology, and his staff were challenge to find a way to prevent devices from getting lost or simply not returned if an employee was terminated.

Keeping Remote Assets in Line

Initially, Domco set up an iCloud or Google account for each device, then used the Find My Phone app for any missing devices. However, the features were limited and Jason began looking for a more comprehensive offering.

He found Prey Anti-Theft and went to the Novacor board of directors with a request to purchase the software. Once he had the board’s approval, Jason had Prey Anti-Theft up and running within a week.

Because of the remote nature of the Novacor workforce, Jason had to wait for each employee to come into the home office, where Prey Anti-Theft could be loaded onto their phones and laptops. In addition,

“Prey enables us to lock down a device and retrieve information before an employee has time to go in and download files or delete company contacts,” said Jason Brock, vice president, Domco Technology, Inc. 

Domco worked with the Novacor company attorney, who drafted an agreement that each employee must sign to acknowledge that they know Prey Anti-Theft has been installed on the company devices.

Securing Intellectual Property

While the individual devices are replaceable, the biggest concern for Domco is protecting the proprietary company information that can be accessed and downloaded via each device. In some cases, terminated employees were using the devices to download and steal this information.

“In the long run, Prey Anti-Theft is proving to be invaluable in protecting Novacor’s intellectual property. The devices themselves can be replaced.”

Others took the opportunity to delete company contact information once they learned that they had been let go. Prey has helped Domco solve these problems:

Device Lockdown – The Novacor human resources department notifies Domco in advance of an employee termination. Domco can then coordinate a remote device shutdown that prevents the former employee from accessing the device. The fact that the device is no longer of any use to them has proved a huge incentive for the former employees to return the devices.

File Retrieval – If Domco determines that an employee who is about to be terminated has proprietary information on their laptop or phone, they can deploy the Prey File Retrieval capability to remove the sensitive information from the device and eliminate any temptation to erase or remove the data.

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Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi is the head of mobile research at Prey, Inc., provider of the open source Prey Anti-Theft software protecting eight million mobile devices. Nic’s work explores technology innovations within the mobile marketplace, and their impact upon security. Nic also serves as Prey’s communications manager, overseeing the company’s brand and content creation. Nic is a technology and contemporary culture journalist and author, and before joining Prey held positions as head of indie coverage at TheGameFanatics, and as FM radio host and interviewer at IndieAir.