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Tip: Stop Prey from being deleted in iOS


As most iOS users know, it is extremely easy to uninstall apps in your iDevice. Just press an app icon long enough until it starts to shake uncontrollably and a little x will appear on the corner. Press it and the app is gone as quick as a bunny. But, have you ever asked yourself if there was a way to make uninstalling your favorite anti-theft software, a.k.a. Prey, less easy in iOS? Well, we have and we found a way. It is very easy and I will show how.

Restrictions Settings

To begin with, let’s talk about the magic of the Restrictions or Parental Control setting. It is located inside the General tab and, according to Apple, it basically lets you prevent access to specific features of your device, which means that it gives you the power to manage a myriad of cool things such as what default applications you want to allow to exist, what type of content you consent to, privacy settings, how frequently you want your device to ask for your iTunes store password and who can uninstall apps.

This is the setting that we are interested in. It is called Deleting Apps. This setting lets you control who is allowed to uninstall apps from the main menu. If it is enabled or on, it means that anybody can delete an application by clicking the black x button; if it is disabled or off, it means that whenever someone presses the app’s icon for a few seconds, the icon will shake but it won’t have the option of clicking x to delete it. Cool, right? Awesome, here’s how you activate this really cool feature:

Enabling Restrictions in iOS

1. In order to use the Restrictions setting, you need to enable it. The process is very simple: change Restrictions to On, then, enter the four-digit password which will authorize you to access this feature and also disable it whenever you feel like.

Deleting Apps

2. Inside Restrictions go to the allow section and find Deleting Apps. Once there, slide the selector and turn it off.

Shaking Apps

3.Eureka! You did it and, now, your app icons
should look something like this.
See? Happily dancing icons and no x button, which means no way for anybody but you to eliminate Prey or any other app for that matter.

So, now you know how to make it more difficult for possible thieves to take down Prey, which means that you will have a better chance of receiving a lot more reports, which, in turn, translates into a greater chance of rescueing your stolen stuff. Enjoy!

Photo: Sean Macentee (cc)

Edit: Thanks to Elldee for pointing out that number 2 should say slide the selector and turn it off instead of turn it on.

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