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File Retrieval Beta Ends! Now Also on iPhones and iPads | Update

Recover pictures and contacts from your lost iPhone or iPad in Prey's latest update, which enables the tool for iOS devices.

September 26, 2018

The latest version of our app for iOS (iPhones, iPads), Prey 1.9.0, puts one of our most beloved paid features back into iOS: the File Retrieval. The team has been making adjustments to polish the feature and finalized the beta with a newly adapted version for Apple's operating system.

Don't have a Pro account yet?

Upgrade today and unlock the File Retrieval for iOS, plus the Remote Wipe, and our next release: the Cypher!

First of all, the File Retrieval feature for iOS is available on Prey compatible devices with iOS 9.0 or higher. Therefore, compatibility goes as far back as iPhone 4s and iPad 2 users, and as current as the latest release of iOS 12.0 and all upcoming ones after that.

Recover Pictures and Contacts on iOS

The File Retrieval tool integrates with the native capabilities of OS. Currently, this integration allows users to retrieve and download two specific types of files: Pictures and contacts.

In the case of contacts, you will be able to retrieve all contacts on your iPhone or iPad at once, because they will be packaged in bulk as a VCF file. You can then import this file to other devices and operating systems!

recover iphone contacts ipad pictures

As for the pictures, they are presented individually for the users to select and retrieve.

Where can you find this?

If you have a paid plan, log into your account at the Online Panel and select one of your iOS devices (it has to be updated!), click on it and access the individual view. On the actions bar, to the right, you will now see the File Retrieval icon.

The File Retrieval works natively on iOS and doesn't require the APNs certificate to work. Which means that you can utilize it right off the bat!

You still need to activate a certificate to utilize the Remote Wipe and Lock features. This is required due to Apple policies that control how third-party applications interact with their phones and tablets.

We will continue to update our app on all different platforms to keep them as robust and as cross-compatible as possible. We've got every Operating System's back!

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