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Unattended Installer for Windows | Feature Release

The new remote installation link method comes to help remote device managers deploy Prey faster, and more effectively in fleets without prior preparation.

April 16, 2020

In an effort to make Prey's deployment and installation in mass more flexible, we have released a new installation method for Windows devices: the unattended link installer!

This new unattended installation option allows you to create custom URLs, or links, that can be accessed by the device user to download and configure Prey automatically, linking their devices to your account without the need of a remote installation solution, or access to the device.

This tool is available on our Enterprise plan, and will be only visible to users with the administrator role.

Where Can You Find This Tool

The Unattended Installation for Windows devices can be found in the Settings tab, on the Online Panel. There, you will see the Unattended Installation tab, which you can access to generate your first installation link.

Aside from instructions, you will see a list of your account's users (if you happen to have a multi-user account). These are displayed because you can create custom links for each sub-user in your account. Each link will offer a personalized installer that will link the target device to the specified sub-account.

This way, you can easily share different installation links for devices that belong or must be managed by different Prey users in your account. It's as easy as:

  1. Creating an installation link.
  2. Sharing it with the device owners.
  3. They download Prey and it is automatically configured!

For more information on this tool and how to use it, visit the Help guide on our help website.

Feel free to start trying this out! We hope it helps make Prey's installation when remote access is not plausible. This implementation will serve as a test for further changes, and we will be conducting tests on other Operating Systems soon.

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